Saturday, April 30, 2011

Graffiti Alphabet Letters P Sketches

Graffiti sketches the letter P with character.
This sketch of the letter 'P' is used to spell Pharmacologist in Perez' book Perez on Medicine.
This sketch of the letter 'P' is used to spell Podiatrist in Perez' book Perez on Medicine.

This sketch of the letter 'P' is used to spell Public Health Doctor in Perez' book Perez on Medicine. Via:

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anti Graffiti Coatings

Graffiti removal

Walkway Underpass Project:

Ecological Coatings EC-1800 Water-based Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating was the coating of choice to protect this 10,000 square foot Walkway Underpass which connects the residential side to the business side of town.

EC-1800 will not only protect the walls, ceiling, conduit and lighting fixtures from graffiti, but will also protect those areas from scuff marks caused by normal pedestrian movement through the walkway on a daily basis.

Additional graffiti prevention has been accomplished with the anti graffiti paint surface, brighter lighting fixtures and security cameras.

Our Anti Graffiti coatings and paints can be applied to stone, brick, block, tile, slate, wood, fiberglass, metals as well as over most sound coating and paint. Not only are these coatings the perfect choice for graffiti protection, but also excellent for areas where mar resistance is required, such as halls, doors, elevators and stairways. The low odor, quick dry formulation of our Clear coating enables it to be used safely in office buildings, schools, and hospitals.

Ecological Coatings Anti-Graffiti Coating and Anti-Graffiti Paint are water-based, green, low voc products, formulated for effective graffiti protection and exhibit high cross-linked densities, non-stick properties and excellent chemical resistance. Graffiti spray paint, permanent marker and pen sit on the surface of the coating but do not penetrate. Graffiti removal is simple using our Water-based, Non-toxic Graffiti Remover. Our coatings are permanent, so once graffiti spray paint or permanent marker is removed from the surface the coating remains, ready to protect against the next graffiti attack. Ecological Coatings offers a wide wariety of graffiti prevention products and customer support to assist you with proven technology and techniques to help prevent graffiti attacks in the future. Via:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Full Graffiti Street - Sexy Woman Swim

Beautiful Graffiti, it is in our mind when posting this graffiti. We agreed to give the title "Full Graffiti Street - Sexy Woman Swim", hope you like this post.


Whale Fishing - Funny Graffiti Street

Graffiti sweet funny way, illustrates a whale fishing, we hope you like this "Whale Fishing - Funny Graffiti Street" Thank you for visiting our site.

New 3D Graffiti Black Wildstyle

New 3D Graffiti Black Wildstyle

Wonderfull 3D Grafffiti Wildstyle

Three-dimensional illustrations are amazing and beautiful, we make this incredible graffiti. We give the name of this graffiti "Wonderfull 3D Grafffiti Wildstyle", hopefully you guys like this and continue to explore the beauty of the world graffiti here.


Egyptian Mummies - Fantastic 3D Graffiti

The illustrations are amazing and wonderful, for us this incredible graffiti. We give the name of this graffiti "Egyptian Mummies - Fantastic 3D Graffiti", hopefully you guys like this and continue to explore the beauty of the world graffiti here.


letras en graffiti

letras en graffiti 

News Result from graffiti letras c. LETRAS PARA GRAFFITIS

letras en graffiti

Friday, April 1, 2011

Full Color Graffiti Bubble "Yes"

Full Color Graffiti Bubble "Yes"

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Jenius Creator Graffiti Bubble

Jenius Creator Graffiti Bubble
Making graffiti high artistic merit is not easy, and need skills more. We post the graffiti with a unique creation we call them "Jenius Creator Graffiti Bubble" please enjoy.

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3D Blue Graffiti Sketches Wildstyle


Graffiti blue this sketch we are posting in order to meet the demand for posting pictures graffiti sketch, I hope you guys like it.

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Graffiti Street Art ToooBee

Graffiti street art pictures

Writing graffiti on the wall

Street art artists

Urban graffiti street art

Amazing wildstyle graffiti spray

Hope you liked our post this "Amazing wildstyle graffiti spray" We will continue to post the same thing and do not forget to continue to explore the graffiti on our site.


Top Bubble graffiti in rolling door

Top Bubble graffiti in rolling door, graffiti bubble in the rolling door is outside the can, thank you for visiting our site. Thanks