Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funny mural - Long graffiti wall

Graffiti that is so funny and very long on a wall, a lot of characters that we meet here from a mural, wildstyle and colors a lot. We call this graffiti as "Funny mural - Long graffiti wall". I hope and momentum with this posting, thanks.

Gradient Graffiti Bubble Alphabet Letters

Graffiti alphabet letters. Funny glossy gradient bubble font graffiti alphabet in aqua blue.

Japan Top Bubble Graffiti Street

Graffiti in the country this japan is okay and interesting, we call this posting "Japan Top Bubble Graffiti Street". Hope you like this, Thanks.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3D Dinosaurs - Real Street Graffiti

Incredibly, that's what I had in mind when posting this graffiti. Look at the graffiti in the form of framework or skeleton of this dinosaur looked real and alive in the streets, we call this graffiti "3D Dinosaurs - Real Street Graffiti" Hope you liked this graffiti, thanks.

Full 3D wildstyle Graffiti wall

Full 3D wildstyle Graffiti wall
Graffiti wall with a charming full color with illustrations of three-dimensional "3D" we call this post "Full 3D wildstyle Graffiti wall" The simplicity of the color but the balance between the colors gold, yellow on pink wildstyle graffiti and making graffiti wall has high artistic value. 

Hope you liked this post graffiti "Full 3D wildstyle Graffiti wall" We hope you want to just give advice on this site. and do not forget to continue to explore the diversity of graffiti in this

Top Creator Spray Graffiti Mural

It's amazing creations from the makers of this spray graffiti. Illustration of the living and create happy to see it, we call this post "Top Creator Spray Graffiti Mural" Hope you also like this. Thanks


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wildstyle Graffiti Vs Mural Soldier Hip Hop

Graffiti What is interesting and well-balanced style describes Mural Graffiti wildstyle with a mix of small pictures of the soldiers who hide their faces. The color and subtlety of graffiti is very nice I hope you like "Wildstyle Graffiti Vs Mural Soldier Hip Hop" that we are posting this.Thanks


3D Alphabet - Like Arrow 3 Color

Graffiti 3D shape of an arrow is truly extraordinary, dimensional look so real. Graffiti yng we call "3D Alphabet - Like Arrow 3 Color", is composed of three colors: white, green and cyan for cheap background is black. Hope you liked our post this. Thanks

3D Cyan - Mania Graffiti Wildstyle

3D Graffiti wildstyle with the color cyan that such doused white paint is so alive. We named this post is "3D Cyan - Mania Graffiti Wildstyle". Hope you liked this post and continue to explore the beauty of graffiti here.

Little commented here we will be very feel you respect and our thanks ucpkan have visited this site. We will continue to post things or pictures you like and hopefully visit again in the mania of this graffiti. Thanks
"3D Cyan - Mania Graffiti Wildstyle"

Banksy Graffiti: Political Graffiti

Banksy graffiti: Political Graffiti in Spokane

This photo was taken with my iPhone on Market and Central in Spokane. I was driving home from Valleyfest and this caught my eye.
Occupy Land

Political/Social Graffiti wall

3D Blue - Art Graffiti Mural

Amazing that my word is my mind and decided to post the "3D Graffiti on the wall" is indeed very pretty in addition to the use of a charming blue color with a picture of a small child, maybe the aliens we call it "3D Blue - Art Graffiti Mural". Hope you liked this graffiti, Thanks.


Beautiful 3D Blue - Wildstyle Graffiti

3D Graffiti on the wall is indeed a very pretty beside the use of blue and shadow right and also the background color of the right wall we also call it "Beautiful 3D Blue - Wildstyle Graffiti". Hope you liked this graffiti, Thanks


Yes Red Mural Graffiti Alphabet

Okay ... Graffiti is interesting blend of Alphabet graffiti and graffiti murals that make up the word "YES" we call it "Yes Red Mural Graffiti Alphabet". and Yes, I hope you guys like this and continue to explore the graffiti here. 

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Rainbow Color - Full Graffiti Wall

Graffiti wall with a lot of colors we call it "Rainbow Color - Full Graffiti Wall" there's a touch of style murals. Hope you liked this post and if we want to give us some comment will be very happy. Thanks


Top Beautiful 3D Graffiti Wall

3D Graffiti or "three dimensional" that we post is quite unique, unique is the first thing we do not know for certain types of graffiti, the second of this graffiti wall color touch unusual.

We hope you like this beautiful graffiti, we call it "Top Beautiful 3D Graffiti Wall". continue to explore the diversity of graffiti on this site thanks

Monday, March 28, 2011

Full Graffiti Wall - Mural Concept

Graffiti wall "Full Color" is to draw 2 people boy and very special because the graffiti look full and interesting. Graffiti wall in this room we call "Full Graffiti Wall - Mural Concept". Hope you like ini.Thanks been willing to come to our site.


Graffiti wildstyle - Orange fix

Graffiti wildstyle at the curb this by carrying the colors orange and pink on white walls really fix. Hope you liked this graffiti. If you want pictures of graffiti more please browse here. thanks


Full Blog Graffiti Wall

Graffiti on the walls yellow, half white and half again is indeed unique. Graffiti is really all there is like a mural graffiti, wildstyle, wall, painting, spray makes it look colored graffiti we call them "Full Blog Graffiti Wall" I hope you liked our post this.

Graffiti on the walls with dark blue color of this blog is so awesome unique, hopefully you guys also like this. Thank you for visiting our site Thanks again.

Funny Graffiti on Wall Room

Funny Graffiti on the walls of this room with a mural depicts a child character or a character of small trove of cute little child, regardless of all that graffiti is so big and make the wall color and feels more alive.

Funny Graffiti on Wall Room by Mania Graffiti
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Graffiti Sketches: Wildstyle Graffiti Vector

Wildstyle graffiti alphabet

Wildstyle graffiti letters

Graffiti art vector images

It’s always a lot of work to vectorise a style but there’s nothing better to have a clean sketch!

3D Party in Wildstyle Graffiti Wall

Graffiti is amazing and awesome wild style graffiti wall with colorful style or in other words, full color. We call it "3D Party in Wildstyle Graffiti Wall". I hope you liked this post and continue to explore the graffiti mania here.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Modern Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti wallpaper is very impressive with a touch of classical staining and give this graffiti art high-value we call them "Best Modern Graffiti Wallpaper" Hope you liked our post this.

Best Modern Graffiti Wallpaper by Mania Graffiti

Brown wall - Amazing Graffiti Mural

Graffiti made ​​in the wall brown slightly damaged by depicting the writing and the human face is unique and worthy of our posts. Hope you like this.

Blue Wall - Special Graffiti Bubble

Blue Wall - Special Graffiti Bubble by Mania Graffiti
The graffiti painted on the walls dark blue is indeed both in terms of coloring especially shadows. Graffiti that we gave the title "Blue Wall - Graffiti Special Bubble" may also interest you. A little touch of Bubble and wildstyle graffiti was inappropriate for our posts.

Graffiti Trains Kaser, Piero, Oper

Graffiti on trains Kaser, Piero, Oper
Benched in Minneapolis, MN. Source: flickr

Sinoe freight train graffiti north america. Charlie la graffiti king freight trains

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Funny Mural - Graffiti Wall

Graffiti wall funny and interesting activities human describe a unique and funny. Although the color of minialis but graffiti is very beautiful and interesting, we hope you like this "Funny Mural - Graffiti Wall".Thanks


Maroon Style Mural - Old Graffiti Street

Graffiti Street so adorable carrying garnet, graffiti murals depicting human character both in terms of color and design is made ​​even graffiti on the walls of the old. We call it "Maroon Style Mural - Old Graffiti Street". Hope you like this.

So is the graffiti murals on this, so fascinating in character. We hope that you are willing to give a little comment on our posts.